BREAKING NEWS: All Owner Rights will be exchanged to Crowd1 REWARDS!

Breaking Crowd1 News

As the world’s fastest-growing Online Network company ever, we will now take the next step to change the future for millions of people around the world!

The success of Crowd1 has created a huge demand for partnerships. Therefore, we have decided to launch a great number of different products and services within Crowd1.

To create transparency and unite all fantastic people engaged in our Platform, we decided to only have one type of Owner Rights and renaming them Crowd1 Rewards.

This gives you the opportunity to earn from all products and services independently of where they are used or where you built your network.

On April 15, we will stop distributing Owner Rights. Between April 16-22, all outstanding Owner Rights has to be converted.

From April 16, Crowd1 will hand out C1 Rewards in all Education Packages and in the Streamline Bonus. C1 Rewards will also replace Owner Rights where they have been distributed.

This is done in your back office. Already converted Pioneer Owner Rights will automatically transfer to your C1 Rewards account.

Crowd1 Latest News
  1. All members that have signed up before April 15, and then proceeded to claim and convert Owner Rights to Rewards before April 22 will take part in the first payout.
  2. All Owner Rights generated by upgrades done before April 15 will be included in the first payout!

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Crowd1 Latest News 2

We have set the date for the two first payout of your Crowd1-Rewards. The first date is June 15th, and the second is September 15th

This means that all members can look forward to getting payments from C1 Rewards every quarter!

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