4th July Online Crowd1 Event

Crowd1 Event Pictures

The July 4th Live Online Crowd1 Event kicked off quite as smoothly as usual with so many unlimited excitement and powerlifting world-class media presenters. During the cause of the event, a lot of announcements were made and more new promising products were introduced into the Crowd1 ecosystem.

These products were also went live on the platform on everyone’s back office even as the ceremony was still going on. However, a simple description of what Crowd1 is and what it isn’t was also briefly explained.

Crowd1 was simply described like this: We don’t convince anybody. We are not investment, not forex and not a funeral scheme. We owe no one an apology to be the leading world online network affiliate marketing company with about six and a half million worldwide affiliate members. We are Affiliate members and we have Affiliate business partners.

Here are some of the products launched into the Crowd1 ecosystem:

1.) New Optimization in the back office. Expect major upgrades in the back office in the upcoming days.

2.) LifeTRNDS – New Crowd1 Product. Bookings for Hotels, Plane tickets etc. People can now book hotels and tickets from all Crowd1 Members. Roll-out of this product to all members is 3-5 days. Check your emails. Earn commissions by selling and buying hotel accommodations and tickets. Please check your emails for instructions on how to use this product.

3.) Golden ticket promotion – You have 48 hours to register on LifeTRNDS after receiving an email. All who registers at LifeTRNDS will receive a free White Package. Check back office for more details.

Crowd1 Live Event

4.) Local Product Expansion:

A.) SAFER APP – built for South African Market. Security and Health App. Check the SAFER App for more details.

B.) Tribute – Lifestyle App/ Affordable Luxury App – will cater our clients in Nigeria. Check Tribute app for more details.

5.) New Product Compensation Plan for new products. Please check the benefits for users, active members, and the income residuals pools in the back office.

6.) Support: Faster response speed when messaging support.

7.) Legal: We now have a system that scans all social media and media postings, positive and negative about Crowd1/ ICT. These will be addressed by the legal team.

8.) Creation of Business Points: BP represents the bonus we receive in Crowd1. 10 BP is 1 Euro. You can use these BPs to purchase products and packages.

9.) New documents (legal) about the company will be provided in the back office for everybody’s guidance. A standard presentation will also be given.

10.) CStore – Library of products where all affiliated products is located and is accessible with one button.

11.) The Next Crowd1 Event is scheduled to hold on the 8th of August, 2020. Make sure you stay tunned and always visit this website for your fresh and up to date press releases from the Crowd1 compqany.

Thanks for your time and for visiting our website! We will continue to keep you updated with latest happenings in the Crowd1 community.